Public Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance protects a business against claims for injury and damage from the public or other third parties.  This excludes claims from employees.

This is a general duty of care by a business or person.  The business takes care that its business operations are according to best practices or regulations. Ensuring no injury or property damage to the members of the public from its operations.

This cover is business insurance.  The business owner ensures their business premises and workplaces have public liability cover.  This plan provides liability protection from 3rd Party claims arising from any mishaps from your business operations.

This protection is separate from employers liability insurance, product liability and professional liability cover.  This covers your business operations from compensation claims for direct injury or property damage from the public.

Why do we need Public Liability Insurance?

Businesses need to be protected from a liability that arises from accidents in a business premise or operations. Work being done and in-store activities can potentially go wrong due to unforeseen events.  The public can be injured or their property is damaged by these events.

Members of the public in contact with the business, for example, walking on a footpath being worked on by the business.  If they were to be injured while on that footpath. They suspect it to be due to negligent work practices. They can file a claim for compensation from the business because of this.

What is the coverage provided by the Public Liability Insurance?

A Public Liability Insurance covers legal costs against compensation claims.  It also covers compensation for injuries to any persons and any losses or damages to property.

This cover will protect you from all sums of claims.  In the event, you are found to be legally liable to pay compensation for a claim.  This is only for claims for accidental bodily injury and accidental damage of property.  For claims made by third parties. Claims made by employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

The level of cover and limit of liability depends on several factors.  On the personal injury possible. On possible expenses for legal requirements for defense procedures.  On the nature of the business and its impact on the public. Contact us to find out how we cover for your unique situation.

A risk study can also be used as a basis to estimate possible costs potentially arising from business operations. The insurer will require the registered office details or situation of the premises to which this insurance will apply.  We will also need to know the equipment details in connection with the business. And we will need your estimated payroll for the period of insurance

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