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AIA Maternity, Pregnancy Insurance Plans

The AIA Maternity, Pregnancy and Prenatal Insurance Coverage for Malaysians is within three AIA Life Insurance Plans.

These are AIA Life Insurance for women, AIA Life Insurance for children and AIA Life Insurance for babies. The three AIA insurance plans are as follows:

These 3 plans have some overlap in maternity, pregnancy coverage as we will explain below.

And if you are looking for the hospitals specific maternity packages, have a look at the list of AIA panel hospitals. You can find the hospital relevant to your location and needs and can call them to get the hospital’s maternity package.

Maternity Pregnancy Insurance Coverage

A maternity and pregnancy insurance plan is to cover:

  • The period during pregnancy and shortly after childbirth.

  • Maternity refers only to the mother.

  • A woman or lady insurance plan will provide maternity coverage.

  • The insured person is the mother

To cover the baby and the risks to the baby during pregnancy, then the following needs to be done:

  • Get a child insurance plan

  • Add on a baby insurance plan

AIA A-Life Lady360 Plan Maternity Insurance Coverage and Benefits in Malaysia

The AIA latest insurance plan for women is the AIA A-Life Lady360 Plan. In this plan the maternity pregnancy coverage is as follows:

  • Childbirth reward: Cash benefit of 3% of the face amount.

  • Pregnancy benefits: 10% of the face amount (claimable one).

  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability.

The pregnancy benefits covers around ten pregnancy related complications such as:

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

  • Molar Pregnancy

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Eclampsia

  • Late Miscarriage

  • Death of Foetus

  • Abruptio Placentae

  • Amniotic Fluid Embolism

  • Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy (AFLP) during pregnancy

  • Placenta Increta/Perceta

There is no direct child or baby coverage in this Lady360 plan. To get that part of the maternity coverage, continue to read on for the Baby Insurance benefits below.

Insurance Coverage for Baby

To get the baby insurance coverage, you will need to first have the AIA A-Life Joy2 Plan. This is a child insurance plan.

  • The insured person is the baby

  • The policy holder is the mother if purchased when pregnant 14 to 35 weeks

  • The policy holder can be either parent if purchased on birth of baby

  • Coverage is for medical conditions, excluding birth defects

And to cover for the newborn baby, you will need to get the AIA A-Plus BabyCare Plan as a rider add-on to the A-Life Joy2 plan.

  • The BabyCare Plan is a rider, an add-on to the basic AIA A-Life Joy 2 plan

  • The insured person is the same as the AIA A-Life Joy 2 plan

  • The BabyCare plan covers for congenital birth defects, jaundice and neo-natal treatment.

  • The BabyCare plan covers for child development disorders

  • Full details at the BabyCare plan page

The A-Plus BabyCare Plan provides comprehensive coverage for the baby during pregnancy, childbirth, post delivery and any birth defects.

Contact our AIA Life Planning Advisor to get in touch with us and start your personal coverage or choose your plan now. Get covered correctly. Be advised correctly. Call today to be advised on the best insurance protection personalized for you. Or send us the form below on your interest.

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