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Hospitalization Insurance Coverage Plan


Hospitalization is admittance to the hospital as a patient.  Patients are admitted to the hospital for a variety of reasons, including scheduled tests, procedures, or surgery; emergency medical treatment; administration of medication; or to stabilize or monitor an existing condition.

Coverage Plan by boo capital mannagement

We would provide you and your family, an access to comprehensive medical care whether in Malaysia or abroad. You can protect yourself from rising medical costs with complete medical coverage, including pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and outpatient benefits.

With rising medical costs every year, you can safeguard you and your family’s medical needs with this affordable plan which covered we covered all 36 diseases included in critical illnesses.  If there is some worry you because this is your first time, then there should not have any fear anymore because we at Red Cover will guide you from choosing the right plan until you get to benefit from our plan.

Please find our list of AIA panel hospitals, identify which is closer to you so you could get all the benefits once you sign up.

Our features included:

How to Get Admitted To Hospital

Panel Hospitals and Clinics have provided a value-added service called an Insurance Letter of Guarantee or Guarantee Letter (GL)

How to get Guarantee Letter

Insurance Letter of Guarantee by Boo Capital Management gives you immediate access to leading private hospitals nationwide

Hospital Admissions

Hospital admissions involve staying at a hospital for at least one night or more.  Read here about hospital admissions guide by Boo Capital Management

Claims Processing

Claims processing guidance is the fulfilment by an insurer of its responsibility to receive, review and act on a claim filed by an insured

Medical Plan

Medical Plan Insurance for small business is medical insurance that involves hospitalization,  surgical protection, critical illnesses and long-term care benefits

Medical Plan Investment Linked

Investment Linked Insurance by Red Cover Life Planning is an investment component where you get to enjoy the possible returns of investing in various investment funds that suit your risk appetite

Contact our AIA Life Planning Advisor to get in touch with us and start your personal coverage or choose your plan now. Get covered correctly. Be advised correctly. Call today to be advised on the best insurance protection personalized for you. Or send us the form below on your interest.

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Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance.

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AIA Baby Plan

AIA A-Plus BabyCare Plan.

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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

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AIA Medical Insurance Plans

Investment Linked Insurance.


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