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Group Medical Insurance Checklist

A group medical insurance plan gives medical coverage to a group of people.  Mostly for employees of a company as part of an employee benefits plan. The best group insurance policies and plans provide customizable health plans as needed for different levels or groups of employees in a company.  From startups to large cross border multinational corporations.

The group coverage policies include benefits packages and care plans as needed to have a healthy workforce to maximize productivity, retention and control costs and absenteeism.  Group health insurance plans do cover for small business health insurance needs.

As your workforce is dynamic, a good insurance coverage plan includes an online portal to add and remove people and benefits plans for the staff benefits or groups.  This helps the small business owner and HR personnel to simplify the health benefits offering for new staff and employee benefits offerings.

The group medical insurance plan should offer health coverage options to choose from.  To manage by employee levels, categories, grades or types. And by expense types such as outpatient, hospitalization, surgical or funeral expenses.

What can a good Group Insurance Policy do?

For Employees:

  • Provide admission identification such as medical cards or mobile apps for outpatient or hospitalization

  • Cover a wide range of reputable clinics and hospitals nearest to the employees home and workplace, locally or while travelling.

  • Minimise costs and time for employees to get their treatment.

  • Minimise costs and time for management in getting things done with the insurance processes.

  • Maximise all group members treatment opportunity to recover and return to work.

For Management and HR:

  • Easily explainable benefits and plans for employees understanding

  • Management tools such as a local call center or online portals or apps.

  • Manage and scale employees and their benefits plans

  • Submit and track claims for processing

  • Request for letter of guarantee for hospital admissions

What are the Health Care Plans for Group Medical Insurance Policies?

The health care plans within the health insurance policies will have limitations on services and what type of services done for an employee.  For example:


Hospitalization Health Care Plans

  • Room stay limits to number of days, example 120 days per year or life of policy

  • ICU charges limited to number of days, eg 30 days per year or life of the policy

  • Pre hospitalization and post hospitalization limits on number of days.

  • Ambulance fees

  • Day Surgery charges

  • Accident and emergency treatments

  • Dental treatments

  • Government Cash allowances

  • Accidental death payouts

  • Medical report costs

  • Annual limits of charges or claims

  • Dialysis and other treatments.

Outpatient Health Care Plans:

  • Panel GP visits charges and limitations

  • Emergency non-panel visit charges and limitations

  • Pap Smear charges

  • Overseas Coverage

  • Specialist visits charges and limitations

  • Overseas Specialist visits charges and limitations

  • Co-Insurance coverage options

  • Waiver of health declaration form options

Health Care Plan Room Costs and Annual Limitations

The room prices can be in buckets of RM80, RM120, RM160, RM230, RM250, RM300, RM350, RM400, RM500 or more.

The annual spend limitations can range from RM20,000, RM25,000, RM30,000, RM45,000, RM50,000, RM75,000, RM80,000, RM150,000, RM100,000 or even RM200,000.

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