AIA A-Life Joy 2 Child Insurance Plans

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AIA A-Life JOY 2 child Insurance Plan

AIA A-Life Joy 2 is the child insurance plan from AIA Malaysia. This AIA child insurance plans is a life insurance plan with options for medical and critical illness coverage for the children.

And if you are expecting a new baby into the family, this insurance plan enables the A-Plus BabyCare plan to be added on, to take care of the unborn baby in the womb and childbirth. The unborn baby insurance in Malaysia.

Entry age is between 14 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. The mother buys the policy (as policy owner). If the mother has the A-Life Lady360 policy, then she can get this A-Life Joy policy earlier to 14 weeks of pregnancy for earlier risk protection.


If the father buys the policy (as policy owner), then the policy entry age for the child is 14 days old till 15 years old. This also applies to the mother, if she did not get this policy when she was pregnant with the child.

AIA A-Life Joy 2 Child Insurance Coverage

It is an all in one insurance plan for children that provides financial cover for:

  • With A-Plus ScholarSaver plan, to cover for education costs when your child is ready for tertiary education.

  • Add on A-Plus BabyCare plan option, during pregnancy/gestation (14 weeks to 35 weeks) to cover for all sorts of baby birth or birth defects medical treatments costs. Click here to see the detailed A-Plus BabyCare plans.

  • Add on A-Plus Junior CriticalCare plans option, to cover for 32 children specific critical illnesses costs.

  • Death and Total Disability specifically for children at any time while the policy is in force.

  • Pre-natal coverage for death during pre-birth up to 30 days from birth of the insured child.

  • And many more add ons as your child grows up.

The cost of insurance for the AIA children insurance plans riders will be charged from birth, except for the BabyCare plans, which are charged from the policy start date (policy inception).

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